Talk to your audience in a messaging app

Engage with your readers in the place where they chat with their friends and their families. Gain their trust in the apps they already use.

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Get your messages out on Messenger and Telegram

Our CMS allows you to manage messages, analytics and feedback on both platforms with a friendly interface.

A playful interaction

Create conversations in a few minutes.

Younger demographics

Messaging apps are a great tool to engage with people under 35.

Know your audience better

You will be able to ask your readers any question and analyze the answers they give..

No need to code

You will be able to create daily conversations without writing a single line of code.

Why should you start publishing in messaging apps

The retention and the response rate are much higher than any other metric we have seen for news apps. Messaging apps are also very popular: they are in everyone’s phones.

Access the platform Create your conversation Publish in Messenger Publish in Telegram Publish in any other platform that exposes a bot API

Designed for the real world

Our platform was designed to meet a real challenge: creating a chatbot to cover the Spanish election.

It has been designed by journalists and developers and it has managed millions of messages ever since.


More than 9,000 people have used this chatbot, which is running a succesful subscription model on Patreon. One third of its readers opens it every single day.


More than 5,000 people have used this chatbot created to cover the Chilean general election in October 2017.

“On the heels of its own success, Spain’s Politibot is opening up a chatbot builder for other outlets”

Google Digital News Initiative Fund prototype recipient

Global Editors Network’s Startup for News 2016 finalist

Nominated for the 2016’s Gabriel García Marquez Journalism Innovation prize

Sounds interesting?

We are working hard on opening the platform for the public. In the meantime, contact us to get a quote for your own bot.